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SmallEiffelPlus Changes

These are the changes that have been made to SmallEiffelPlus since it was derived from SmallEiffel version -0.76. The original SmallEiffel version -0.76 (and newer beta versions if any) can be obtained from http://smalleiffel.loria.fr/

  • A bug fix for a renaming problem which occurs when two classes with a common ancestor are inherited and their features are renamed. SmallEiffel version -0.76 has a bug that appears when two classes (B and C) are derived from a common parent (A), and then another class (D) is derived from B and C with the features being renamed in D. The renaming does not work correctly and calls that should go to one of the middle classes (B or C) will go to the other class. (Note: this is not an official bug fix from the SmallEiffel people at Loria).
  • Mini-debugger. A simple debugger which is invoked when an assertion clause fails in the program. Instead of terminating the program, it goes to a "debug>" prompt and you can display the values of an object or continue execution of the program.
  • Three features were added to the STRING class: 'insert_string', 'replace_string' and 'remove_string'.
  • A STRING_POOL class was added in 'lib_std' and 'general.e' which manages a common pool of strings, which can be shared among all classes.
  • TEXT_FILE_READ and TEXT_FILE_WRITE classes were added to 'lib_std'.
  • A special version of the STRING class has been added in the 'lib_debug' directory. It has an immutable feature which can be used to make the string immutable, such that an assertion failure will occur if the string is in an immutable state and a modification is attempted.
  • The compiler was modified to allow a conditional library path when the -debug_check command line flag is set.

NOTE:The root directory name is 'SmallEiffelPlus' and the compiler has been modified to use 'SmallEiffelPlus' for it's environment variable name. However, the command names ('compile', 'compile_to_c', etc.) have not been changed. Therefore, if you have both SmallEiffel and SmallEiffelPlus on your system, you will need to manipulate your PATH environment variable to select which one you want to use.

Updated: 14-Feb-2001

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