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Welcome to the SmallEiffelPlus webpage.

The idea for SmallEiffelPlus is to add some additional features and libraries to the SmallEiffel compiler, without interfering with development or use of the original SmallEiffel compiler. The standard SmallEiffel compiler can be obtained from http://smalleiffel.loria.fr/

There are two versions in the works:

  • SmallEiffePlus is simply SmallEiffel version -0.76 (November 11th, 2000) with some bug fixes, additional libraries and features. Click here for a list of differences from the standard SmallEiffel compiler. It can be downloaded from the project page.
  • SmallEiffeExperimental is SmallEiffelPlus with threads and various sized integers added. I will be making this available shortly. WARNING: The released file, currently available under the name name SmallEiffelExperiment on the project page, is *NOT* this version. I have renamed the project formerly known as SmallEiffelExperimental to Fine. As soon as I get that project moved to it's new space, I will put the version with the threads and the various sized integers in the released files.

If you have problems, comments, etc. please contact me at sedwards@xmission.com.

Updated: 21-Feb-2001

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